Second Place Flowers

The girl I wanted to take to home coming was already asked by my a friend of mine so I had to come up with a second place option. The girl I wanted to take had a best friend who was really cool and unasked so I decided that should be my plan but I had waited to long because I was so busy with doing school spirit stuff. It was tradition at our school for dudes to make some arts and crafts things to ask a girl out and I had no time for that convention. What I did was drive to a field near the school and gather a handful of weed sunflowers and go to find the girl. She was practicing soccer so I drove down to the field and waved her over. The problem with that is that soccer coaches expect girls to play soccer at practice. We had to wait until she had a break and when I handed her the sweaty wad of weed flowers and  asked her out, she laughed and asked me if I was asking her because her friend was already taken. I said that was part of it but I was in no wise scraping the barrel because she was also super cute and cool and we could best friend double date. She said that would be fun and agreed to go if we could wear matching clothes. We could most definitely do that. It was a date.