Rapid Fire Gun Club

 Being from classic old school hillbilly stock my friends and family really loved shooting at and destroying what-ever(ything) we could round up. Generally ammunition for our semi-auto assault style rifles would be expensive to come by but my dad would by Chinese surplus tins of bullets and then not keep a very good accounting of them so we could go and shoot a thousand rounds for free. Well, free to us. We would then get together any thing that seemed like it would be cool to shoot and go to do that. One of those times we drove to the gravel pit that had been sectioned off for use by the gun club and set up our targets, loaded up our 25, 40 and 75 round clips and then proceeded to rain down hell on the inanimate objects we had pronounced the sentence of shooting upon. Two things are important to note here; first armor piercing Chinese bullets suck, they are too hard and just pass through whatever you are shooting. Second, when you go to gun club to shoot you should check to see if right over the little berm you are shooting into there is a group of a hundred or so armed rednecks that are displeased by you shooting bullets over their head as fast as you can. If you are wondering the answer is that they are most displeased indeed. After our initial and very rapid volley we stopped to reload the magazines and a hornets nest of bearded men in camo got in their trucks and poured around the corner of the hill we had shot into to set us the frick strait. They swore at us and yelled at us and said they were calling the cops to report us shooting illegal guns because they heard automatic weapon fire. Not true, but I was not going to quibble that point. My friends and I jumped in the truck and he drove us away as fast as we could go. For once in a long time we were just too panicked to joke about it and we just went home and put the guns away and didn't go shooting again for a pretty long while.