So That I Can Be and Example and Inspiration

As is common with many sports after a meet or tournament the wrestlers would gather up to see film of the event to see what people did right or wrong so we could all learn from each others mistakes. I was featured prominently in several of these little wrestling video parties because I made such a perfect example of techniques as they were executed on me. One day we were watching as I revisited tape of my bout with one of the famous Sanderson brothers in our match he realized very early on that I was a massively over-matched opponent and started practicing take-down moves on me and letting me go. They were executed with textbook precision and it looked like he was doing a clinic for beginners with a more or less complicit victim. The real tragedy was that I was trying my best to stop him but he was just so fast and strong that I was as helpless as a baby kitten. My coach was so impressed that he just kept rewinding and showing off one of the moves that sent me airborne. The move is called an ankle pick and the offensive wrestler quickly reaches down grabs the clueless beginner's foot and to the great pleasure of the crowd and those watching over and fricking over in a room full of the losers peers, flips him up in the air in a sports version of the slip and fall. We watched about six times in total as my coach publicly marveled at the speed and perfection that sent me on the magical voyage of shame. I eventually just said a swear and then said swear wording skip to the next swear wording match. My coach just laughed and so did everyone else as he rewound my demonstration of exactly what no to do to play it one more swear wording time. Glad I could help.