I Show My Manliness to the School

 In the morning when we would do announcements we would have a countdown to when the local feed would go out to all of the closed circuit televisions when they were done playing that faux-news-ad-show Chanel One. After we were done the tech guy was supposed to cut the feed and call out 'clear' and then the audio and video would only be on the local monitors again. One time after we were done I said some swears over the still on PA system and was given a mild trouble because it was just a hell-damn brand of swear and not a bad one. I was on probation of sorts for all of the swears, vulgarities, missed swears, innuendos and whatever else I had gotten up to in the six weeks I had been on the air. So when the tech guy called 'clear' I should have stacked up my notes and reviewed the show and gone to class. What I did do was to come in really close to the camera and start dancing in a sexually suggestive manner including sexy bow-chika-bow-wow music I was making with my mouth. I stripped off my shirt and started flexing my scrawny pecks, biceps, and displaying my six-pack abs. You know, the glamor muscles? About the time I had been engaged in my strip tease for about twenty seconds, which I thought was just for my own goof-off on the monitors, the tech kid told me it was still going out to the school. Oh, poopstain, really? I grabbed another shirt than the one I stripped out of and ran out the far door to the library and went and sat in the middle of a group of underclass girls who were allegedly doing some research but we more interested in talking about who the guy with the great abs was on the tv. I resisted every one of my teenage boy urges and told them I hadn't seen who it was and ducked my head into a book when I saw the media teacher, the vice principal and the principal march quite purposefully into the studio. They were in there a bit and then came out looking for someone. I didn't offer my services in helping them find whoever it was they had in mind to corral. When they had gone I slipped out into the central quad and then across and out the doors that were closest to the parking lot and headed to somewhere else which is a very good place to be if you are sought for questioning in an unfortunate case of electronic misconfiguration which may or may not have lead to some CCTV male topless strip dancing. I probably couldn't have helped them anyway. I decided the rest of the day was probably a good amount of time to spend at somewhere else and I was right because by the next morning when I rolled into media class the heat had died down and I explained that I had made a poor choice but had not intended wide distribution f that material. All was forgiven but not forgotten.