The Run Around Place

 One more out of order story came to mind about when we were young children. We lived in a mobile home with my grandparents and mentally handicapped uncle so there was not a lot of play room. This was especially true in the winter months when we were going absolutely stir crazy and there was fighting, sassing and destruction over every limited square foot of the smallish house. My mom in an effort to keep some semblance of order would take us out and about town to get us burned down and worn out so peace could be kept. My favorite escape was a field house at the local college which we called the run-around-place. There was an indoor track and field with some really amazing pads that were used to catch pole vaulters which were awesome for us to use for anything we wanted. We would jump on and slide off and wrestle and fight until a student supervisor would invariably come and tell us we couldn't play on that and we would have to stop until next time. We would jog around the track and duck under hurdles, sometimes tipping them over and out of place, and basically just make a nuisance of ourselves. It must have worked or just have been an effective escape because we went back often until we moved too far away.