Selling a Car and a House For Revenge

 This is not really about me but it is about my friend and his family and it is pretty funny so that is why I include it here. When Tiny Elvis and his family moved into town they moved right next to a family that had a very different opinion about how things and should be done around the neighborhood. They argued and fought and then took things to a magical next level of pettiness. It started with my friend's mom listing one of her archenemy's cars for sale in a local newspaper at an insanely cheep and put their phone number in the ad. The hilarity ensued when a horde of bargain seekers descended like a plague on the neighbors, trying to be the lucky one to get the unbelievable bargain. Figuring that all is fair in turnabout is fair play, the pranked neighbor became the pranker and took this little battle of wits from skirmish to full blown war. She decided to list her antagonist's home for sale at a unbelievably low price as well, but her twist was to list her own number as a contact so that she could set up home showings and send realtors over. The poor realtors and the perspective buyers looking for a good deal were instead met with my friend's increasingly angry mother. To retaliate my friend's mom sent her daughter over to beat up the neighbors daughter. That got the police involved and mixed up with that my friend and his family had to move across town where the neighbors were less hell bent on ruining each others lives. At the time I was horrified by the pettiness but now I think it was a pretty funny non-destructive prank, until the girls fought and then it turned violent - but right up until then though.