Sad Roses and Grand Gestures

Valentines was coming up so I thought that would be a great time for my planned grand gesture. It normally would have been but I may need to remind you of my lack of research in to her relationshipal status. I decided some roses would be nice and I knew that a dozen was customary and that was my intended intention until I saw what twelve would set me back. When I saw the price I thought that three was probably a grand enough gesture, I mean, for a guy on a budget. If I know one thing it is that girls love a guy who shows a little fiduciary discipline. I was too young to drive to the local flower shop and make my delivery so I had to ask my mom and she was not excited about me giving out roses but she went along. She was actually relived when she saw I was buying three because she mistakenly thought I was buying them for three different girls. I picked them up and had my mom drive me over to the girl's house and she was a little upset when I was giving all three to this girl. I was super nervous but I screwed up my bravery to the sticking point and willed myself up to the door holding the roses very low and a little behind my back. I was hoping she would answer the door and save a step but it was her dad and I had to ask for her. He invited me to come in and stand in the entryway where, and this is absolutely the truth, the TV was playing a Bon Jovi music video 'Bed of Roses' to be specific. The girl came upstairs looking a little confused but she brightened when she saw me I gave her the three sad looking roses and she was looking a lot uncomfortable. She said thanks and gave me a perfunctory hug and said she would see me at school. I was a little off put by the brush off but it turned out she was trying to save me as I found out latter that night when she called me. I was initially excited that she was calling me and I thought maybe she was interested in hooking up something sometime. Welp, not so fast there constant reader. She was calling to say that she wanted me to knock of the wooing because her boyfriend, who was actually a penumbric friend of mine, was getting upset about it. He had actually been over at her house the night I brought over the roses and was not amused, even suggesting that he should kick my stupid butt. Hmmm, that sounds like a soft no, bordering on firm. I told her I was sorry and then hung up in mortal fear of getting a beating from a boyfriend who naturally felt his territory was being challenged. I laid low at school for a week or so and stopped 'accidentally' running into this girl in between classes. We stayed friendly but never closer until she graduate the next year and ended my shame reminder ordeals in the hall.