A Wave Device Because I Love Science

 As was the case with all the science fairs projects and demonstrations one was not enough for me so I would usually try and make another one or help on a couple just for the thrill of the build. Tiny Elvis was not anywhere in the neighborhood of my unbridled joy for the exhilaration of science fairs. To please us both I went ahead and built him a wave demonstration device that was actually pretty top notch work. The problem now was that Tiny-E had no idea what was going on with this magnificent device so I tried to teach him about the various wave forms which he was thrilled to learn about. I don't know if you read the tone of that last sentence, it was sarcasm. I tried to bring it up in cool and fun ways throughout the week, but even with my passion and persuasion he only picked up the gist of what we were talking about and that was not enough. I was so proud of my wave machine that I wanted to take credit for it so badly that I could taste it. I was all agitated and fidgety when E brought it in and set it up in the front of the class. We had to wait a few minutes while everyone settled and class business was addressed and then it was time for Tiny Elvis to do my work justice. He did not. He was up there bumbling and stumbling through it and it was getting worse and worse. I didn't want to tip the teacher off that it was in fact I that had been doing the work but I could not watch this excellent demonstration go down in flames so I raised my hand and asked the teacher if I could help my friend properly describe the wave process. She said that would be fine so I ran up and took over one hundred percent and went to work describing the three types of waves that the device was creating as well as describing a little about wave theory. The class was not interested because they were Luddite swine. The teacher eventually had to ask me to wrap it up because I was running over time that was for the other projects. After the class she asked me to stay and talk with her. She had through some preternatural sense divined that it was I that had build E's science project. I tried to tell her that we worked on it together but she was not interested in hearing that because E had no idea what was going on. She told me She was happy that I was so passionate about science but that I needed to let the other kids do their own work so that they could learn as well. She told me that she was not going to penalize either of us because she new I was not trying to cheat, so from them on I just did my own science projects. No one ever said anything about essays so I still would write essays for friends and girlfriends if it was a good topic.