Ears Pierced and Dragons Coveted

Is there anything more beautiful in the history of this all combined?

Once again here is a story badly out of order but when I was talking pewter jewelry with my wife recently I remembered the first time I say a dragon grasping a marble – the reason pewter was invented. When my sister was twelve she was going to be allowed to get her ears pierced and to be able to start wearing makeup. This was a really big deal for her because she wanted to be all grown up for a long time and everyone knows that a pierced ear is the first thing you need to be an adult woman. My mom had for a long time held out for twelve years old and was firm on the date of my sister's twelfth birthday as the magical date and not a moment sooner. Her birthday was the vary first of January and that year we were going on our almost annual trip to Colorado to visit my mom's family for Christmas where my aunt had designs on moving up the date as her gift to my sister. My mom agreed and they kept it a secret until a day or so before Christmas and my sister and I went with my Aunt to a local mall on some trumped up pretense where we stopped into a jewelry store where the surprise was dropped. My sister was so overwhelmed with ecstasy and started to cry and hug and carry on in such a way that made me feel uncomfortable. She got up in the chair to get the piercing done and I went on a mill about and had myself a little peruse of the jewelry which was mainly costume tat but in the back corner there was the most magnificent collection of not garbage I had every seen. There were magically cool wizards, dragons, sexy ladies and powerful warriors all rendered with crystals and marbles in awesomely detailed pewter. I wanted one and I wanted all but this day was about my sister and her ears and the hygiene of her ears and my pleas for fantasy jewelry were unheeded. I was devastated and fixated on making my dream of a dragon claw holding a marble necklace come true. I determined to save up the six dollars or so that were required to purchase such a treasure. The problem was my lack of self control and as I would save there was always something more proximal to my gratification and after a few misfires in saving I gave up and forgot about my most deepest and truest desire. I have never owned fantasy jewelry – now, finally, without regret.