They Run Over a Dumb Girl

 There was a lot of snow outside that winter and many of the kids with cars were out playing in it in various parking lots. Power slides, drifting and the most easy and therefore most prolific technique of all – the donut. The donut is a a poetic name for driving in a circle but if you were to tell someone you went to a church parking lot and drove in a circle you are not going to impress anyone. So my sister and I were over at her boyfriends house and we decided to go drive a car around in the parking lot behind his house. There were already a couple other groups of kids out there already goofing off with their cars and there was this flamboyant girl who was kind of cute but massively stupid running around the parking lot around the cars. When one of the cars stopped she ran up and jumped on the hood holding on to the hood where there is a vent below the windshield. She told them to do some donuts with her on the hood but they were not convinced that that would be safe, but she begged so they relented. They drove around slowly for a few seconds and she was enjoying herself but then the driver changed direction quickly and she flew off the hood and right under the car. The car stopped right after the front wheel drove over her. All of us that were watching from the side ran over to see if she was okay but before we could cover the hundred feet or so to the car she had popped up like a cheerleader hands high over her head and bouncing almost singing that she was, 'Ooookaaaaay!' We were naturally all very relived that we didn't just see an idiot die. She was a lot less phased by her brush with death than she should have been. She ran through the group of us that came to check that she was alive and jumped right back on the hood of the car and begged for another go. A few years later she married one of the biggest jerks that I had ever met so maybe her judgment never improved. As for the rest of us that night we had seen enough and went back inside where we were less likely to see anyone get assassinated mid-donut.