One Degree

 There is this thing where you can link all famous people by their movies with stars who were in movies with Kevin Bacon. My number is 1. If you count his locker, and I do count his locker because that makes my number one. A young Kevin Bacon once was a protagonist in a film about bringing the liberating power of dance to small town USA and it was filmed at my high school. Many moons before I was in attendance but still to walk the hallowed halls where Mr. Bacon once walked – priceless. I watched carefully in the film to see his locker number and then when I got to high school traded lockers with the girl that has his number so I could tell people I had Kevin Bacon's locker. Were people impressed, no not really. Why? Because no one cares about the locker used in a stupid movie from the eighties that is why. Incidentally, I have also bought muffing mixes from the roller mill where they staged the iconoclastic final dance finally – they were delicious and rebellious.